8 most important roles in software development team structure

But there sure are some of the things you should keep in mind while building or hiring a team for your project. The most prominent features of the Scrum team are the unique structure and https://globalcloudteam.com/ particular roles that aren’t common for other frameworks. At the same time, a Team Lead may play the role of a coach, helping to resolve more complex tech tasks, and reviewing the code.

In this article, I will focus on every role that will help you to assemble your perfect team in detail.


So it's generally accepted that seven specialists on a team is an ideal number. When it comes to building a startup, what is the right team size for a software development project? The matter of creating the right team size appears on the agenda each time a new software development team needs to be organized, or an existing team is being assessed.

Software Development Team Roles

They’re responsible for setting up the work environment, development server, and staging server. Take advantage of your knowledge of the qualities necessary for the PV, PM, and TL. Only as a result of their coordinated work can a project be sustainable, built on time, and in line with the plan. If PO isn’t the last link in decision-making, then any product changes need feedback from those who are that last link. Revisions, if any, need argumentation because it helps the team understand where and how to improve the product. As a tech partner, we can offer the most effective solutions if we understand the ultimate goal, priorities, and context.

We’re also equipped with the administrative and managerial human resources required to complement and balance your ideal software development team structure. Known as the scrum master on some teams, the project manager mediates the software development process. Naturally, a quality assurance engineer also looks at the application from the perspective of end users to make sure that all the implemented features meet the requirements. They write documentation and create test cases to help developers deliver a high-quality end product.

Software Architect: Providing Structure

They plan the deployment process and ensure that the software launches smoothly. After the software launch, the DevOps team keeps the software program running securely and smoothly. Backend software developers are heavily experienced with coding and are often specialists.

Software Development Team Roles

Putting a team of professionals together may sound challenging at first. Generally, UX designers are the ones that supervise the UI designers. They also work in a way that the client’s requirements are fulfilled. Besides, it doesn’t matter for the Project Manager if the team is using agile or any other web team roles and responsibilities methodology, after the deliverables are specified, it is important for him to start exercising change management. And the impact of any kind of change in requirements will have to be communicated, assessed, and measured. Software development roles that fall outside of their area of expertise.

Some people think business analysts are just about making money for the company. A skilled BA plays a big role in moving a business toward productivity, efficiency, and profitability. BAs help businesses analyze their existing processes; define steps and tasks to improve those processes; design new features, products, or services; and evaluate the impact of new implementations. Thus, the business owner needs to take a sober look at his capabilities. For those who aren’t ready to participate in regular calls with the team at least once a week and promptly answer questions in chats, it’s better to hire a PO for software development.


This person protects your business needs and double-checks that the solution, which is perfectly executed from the technical perspective, is also effective from the business perspective. But what seems like an invincible approach sure has its own downsides. Hybrid teams aren’t only the most expensive to work with but also require strong management that can coordinate all the diverse parts of the workflow.

  • Therefore, it’s important to plan such activities on the business side, so as to involve everyone who should see the results before the release.
  • A Business Analyst helps you to craft a product vision and create requirements based on your customers and stakeholders needs and later help you in validating if you are on the right track.
  • A highly skilled and efficient development team is your ticket to success.
  • This ensures that the software is efficient enough to offer results of high quality.
  • They include implementation and software development team roles like software developers, QA engineers, product manager, software architect, and designers, etc.
  • An SA reviews the project objectives and states how to implement the solution in an app.

Our advice is to hire a BA if you have a project idea or business problem to solve but don’t have structured details and product requirements. Delivering the sprint results requires review from the PO and a go/no-go decision by the business party. This means the PO and all the SDLC stakeholders need to be involved every 2 weeks (when there are 2-week sprints). Therefore, it’s important to plan such activities on the business side, so as to involve everyone who should see the results before the release. Next, we’ll delve into each of the roles and how they should be performed to make the project meet your expectations in terms of requirements, timelines, and costs.

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In a serious software project, many specialists are involved in various roles. In addition to the developers, it’s mandatory to include a Product Owner , Project Manager , and Technical Lead in the team. Also, you’ll know what each of these roles in a software project is and about the expectations the development team has for the business they’re working for. If you want your users to fall in love with your products, and most importantly, convert through your sales funnels, then product designers are must-have members of development team you’re creating. Looking to get the scoop on who’s doing what in a software development team?

Software Development Team Roles

The features are prioritized at the start of the project, and the team is focused on completing the project. Quality assurance is provided by software testing that follows software engineering. Once the requirements are ready, we form a development team that usually consists of a UI designer, backend engineer, client developer , and a QA specialist.

Full-stack Developer

It’s therefore crucial at the beginning of the project to identify risks and thus develop emergency measures. Such a plan should include categories and/or areas of such risks, thus allowing for more accurate project security in the future. DevOps specialists make sure that your solution is working 24/7, is cheap to maintain, easy to upgrade, accessible, and can sustain sudden user activity spikes as well as earthquakes. All you need to do is to define a problem/the desired effect, and a backend developer will find the most efficient solution to implement that suits your needs. Backend developer is responsible for everything that is under the hood of the application, and they are your chief problem-solvers.

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A tech lead is a person who is very experienced technically and provides guidance, supports the creation of the project's path, and makes sure that all hardware needs are met. The business analyst bridges the gap between technology and business on the project. The project’s success is just as dependent on a good business model as it is on good technology. The business analyst assesses the current market and customer trends and determines how the software project fits into that. They also help determine how the end product will generate revenue and how they can keep development costs in line with that.

A project manager, business analyst, and UX designer are the first to deal with a project. They interact a lot with the client to transform the client’s ideas into functional requirements and wireframes. Sometimes, we involve the lead backend or mobile developer during this stage to research technical aspects of the project and advise the designer and business analyst. The PM draws up a Commitment letter, and after PO approval the team is ready to start the sprint.

An automated test is a small piece of software that runs in the background and constantly tests the application. If something goes wrong, the project team knows what happened immediately. This is a key capability of agile teams where testing goes hand-in-hand with development. In the Waterfall model, the development process is divided into distinct phases, and its scope is always defined in advance.

Let’s catch up on the key facts about Waterfall and Agile and see how their peculiarities are reflected in the development team composition. Software development teams are not just developers and a CTO – they can be defined as tight knots of various skills crucial for a given phase of a project, possessed by various specialists. You cannot hope for any project to succeed when you do not have enough resources, can you?

By team function

Review requirements traceability matrix, and ensure that requirements have coverage. Discuss and support those who market and sell the end-product of the project. Assess the situation of the target organization where the project’s end-product will be deployed. Assist in the development of strategic plans for operational activity. Communication — Monitor, manage and improve the efficiency of support services such as IT, HR, Accounts and Finance.

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